Remove Admin and User password of Dell Inspiron and Latitude

That’s right, if your laptop is locked up due to CMOS passwords being set and you forgot what it was, we can help!!

Here you get a complete and illustrated information package (60 pages pdf file), to erase the protected chip in the “inserted condition”. It work’s for 595B, D35B and other system tags (look at the table below). Moreover I added some helpful links like a password generator for D35B Tags.

Never replace the protected password chip!

Chip size is 3.5 x 4.5mm and 8 pins. With the unnecessary de-soldering of the protected IC, and again soldering an empty chip back in its place, with approximately 90% of all attempts the Main board is destroyed.


Did you forget your Dell Bios password, or acquire a locked Dell Notebook at eBay?

The Dell Support refuses any assistance?


Then here is the solution!


No special equipment necessary, just a screwdriver and a paper clip are needed!

Procedure works on tested models in list below and many other.


Latitude Inspiron
Model Chip Clears Model Chip Clears
XP ? not tested 2650 ? not tested
XPi Yes Yes 600m Yes Yes
CP Yes not tested 3200 Yes No
CPi Yes Yes 3500 Yes Yes
CPiA Yes Yes 3800 Yes Yes
CPx Yes Yes 4000 Yes Yes
CPxJ Yes Yes 5100 Yes Yes
CP Yes not tested 7000 24C164 No
CPi Yes Yes 7500 Yes not tested
CPiA Yes Yes 8000 Yes not tested
CPx Yes Yes 8200 Yes Yes
CPxJ Yes Yes 8500 ? not tested
c600 Yes Yes 8600 Yes Yes
c610 Yes Yes
c640 ? not tested
c800 Yes not tested
c840 Yes Yes
L400 Yes Yes
D500 * Yes Yes
D505 Yes Yes
D510 * Yes Yes
D600 Yes Yes
D800 Yes Yes

= recently tested


The EEPROM password chip is the only one on the main board, you might need a magnifying glass to locate it.

The information provided as an “At Your Own Risk” procedure. The Seller will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages related to the use or misuse of this information under any circumstances. Since this is a download there are no refunds.


Included will be a software program to give you a back door password to get past the CMOS and boot passwords, you can try this first before the jumper method, this works on some models, not all of them

Model / Series Type Clears Model / Series Type Clears
Latitude XP not tested Inspiron 2650 not tested
Latitude XPi Yes Inspiron 600m not tested
Latitude CP not tested Inspiron 3200 not tested
Latitude CPi not tested Inspiron 3500 not tested
Latitude CPiA not tested Inspiron 3800 not tested
Latitude CPx not tested Inspiron 4000 not tested
Latitude CPxJ not tested Inspiron 5100 not tested
Latitude CS not tested Inspiron 7000 not tested
Latitude CSx not tested Inspiron 7500 not tested
Latitude c400 not tested Inspiron 8000 not tested
Latitude c500 not tested Inspiron 8200 not tested
Latitude c510 not tested Inspiron 8500 not tested
Latitude c600 not tested Inspiron 8600 not tested
Latitude c610 not tested
Latitude c640 not tested
Latitude c800 not tested
Latitude c840 not tested
Latitude L400 not tested
Latitude D505 not tested
Latitude D600 not tested
Latitude D800 not tested



The latest info also includes some debug commands to clear some other password issues.