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Your one stop shop for all your computer needs. Find your service manuals and parts for your computer equipment.


PC Doctors has been around since 1986, we have been providing sales and services to all of our neighbors and businesses. This is our website for all of your service needs, manuals for all different types of equipment, as well as informational eBooks.


Service Manuals:

Looking for service manuals? We have them! Whether you need help with your laptop, printer, computer, or monitor, you will be able to find them here. We also provide other informational eBooks as well. So check out our site and see what we can help you out with.



Ever wondered what an eBook was? Well it is very simple, it is an electronic book that you can read on any computer or smart device. They are used to provide information on many levels to different subjects, from something that is as simple as a recipe to technical manuals. Technology unfortunately is getting rid of the usual hard bound & softback books and making way for eBooks. One of the positive things is that instead of your friend borrowing your book to read and you never get it back, you can share an eBook and still maintain a copy. This doesn’t mean we support that you share illegally published books. So enjoy our selection of manuals and eBooks we have to offer.