Tube Me Some Traffic

Here’s how you – or anyone – can leverage on the internet’s 4th most trafficked website to boost your popularity & publicity for business… via video marketing! With the emergence of web video popularity, you cannot afford to miss out on this exponentially growing trend – because it could make or break your popularity & business growth!

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, I bet you’ve heard and been to before. And what’s up with all the Top Internet Marketing gurus preaching about the importance of using videos as an additional arsenal to your array of marketing weapons?

It’s all because of one emerging trend that has been taking place on the net in recent couple of years. It is called:


So if you’re quite accustomed to writing online to promote yourself and/or your business, you’re probably wondering, “why should I use videos – and hey, why YouTube??”

Here’s why:-

Why Use YouTube

At this time of writing, is ranked no. 4 in Alexa ranking. What this means to you is that, YouTube is receiving millions upon millions of visitors – from all walks of life and around the planet – each day. Every hour. Every minute. Even every second.

YouTube has been responsible for transforming ordinary individuals into Internet celebrities… and mediocre small businesses into mega profit-rakers!

The popularity of videos are constantly growing each day. This is partially owed to faster Internet connections now being made more and more easily available in most countries. It’s only a matter of time when most people in the world will finally experience fast Internet connections and are inclined to favor watching videos – online!

“UNLIMITED Opportunity, Don’t You Think?”

But there’s a problem.
In order to achieve results from Video Marketing via, your video(s) must possess the following qualities:-

Interesting to view – if your videos are boring, there’s no reason for your viewers to continue watching. Remember: they’re one click away from closing the browser!

Viral property – it must be newsworthy so that your viewers will tell others, who then in turn tell others, about your video. Thus allowing you to leverage on the best form of advertising i.e. word of mouth!

And more!

Unstoppable Facebook Traffic

Get enormous social media traffic instantly by discovering the super-fast & easy Facebook strategies! I was scared out of my wits whenever I used this tactic – but the strategies was too good to pass up!

I wouldn’t believe what I am about to tell you. Almost everyone on the planet has a Facebook account and I’m sure I don’t have to explain what Facebook is all about! But the question is what do people do with their Facebook account? You’re right, they get social and connect with each other. By just leveraging on the power of social connection, we can almost get our message out there and reach millions of people in a very short time frame. Nothing on earth is as powerful as Facebook now! What if you can tap into this powerful connection and get customers through Facebook? Yeah! Is going to be HUGE!

Everyone in business knows that this is an opportunity make a blast by selling stuff through Facebook. You’ll see companies creating their own Facebook account, setup their fan page and start posting links to push people to buy. This is exactly what I did a few years ago! Did I get rich after doing all that? I guess you know the answer! NO NO NO!. Hey what’s wrong? Everyone seems to be doing the same and why it’s just not working for me? After a while, I realized that’s the problem! I’m doing things that everyone else is doing. I should be doing something different to get a different result. This is an enlightened moment for me and I started to study companies that really achieve fantastic results through Facebook.

I’ve read books, bought courses and attended countless of seminars! Finally my hard work paid off! All I’ve known about Facebook in the past is all wrong! This is the mistakes that everyone is making:

Not diverting their fans to their website
Inconsistent follow ups
Hard core selling
Update irrelevant/unprofessional status
Not engaging/interacting with friends and followers
No incentive “like”
Post boring/irrelevant content
Posting too frequently
Not tracking results
Ignoring Facebook advertising

After all the trial and error, I’ve finally found what works:

Regular follow ups
Focus on sharing not selling
Always get your users to your website
Post interesting updates and contents
Accelerate your results with Facebook advertising
Track your results and stop what doesn’t work
Engaging with your followers with quiz, contents and games
Bribe them for “like” with gifts

You’re getting the surefire strategies to make an impression on Facebook and potentially generate thousands of leads to your business by implementing everything I’m going to share in this book. I believe you have seen many Facebook fan pages and even hate them! Why? Because it looks so unprofessional and spam-like all the time. That is why I wanted to help you to avoid all the common pitfalls in Facebook marketing and guide you through the right path of setting up your social media campaign. Trust me, you’ll going to be amazed with the results.